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Waste & Recycling Projects Consultancy

With over 30 years’ experience, Immediate Waste & Resource Management has the staff, project management experience and access to the required resources to ensure successful project delivery.

On the ground services will be delivered by experienced supervisors and operatives, drawn from an established pool, augmented as required by additional staff. All staff are expected to display the highest standards with respect to H&S, personal decorum and productivity. This will be achieved by ensuring all employees are governed and follow our “Golden Rules “and “Staff Code of Conduct” . These set out IWRM’s expectations we require all personnel to follow in our drive to deliver our culture of ‘creating no harm’.

ISO 9001 Certified Project Management

IWRM is ISO 9001 certified and have developed our own Project Management methodology based on the standards’ “Plan –Do – Check – Act “approach. To distinguish between the formal ISO requirements, this, more project specific, project management approach comprises: Preparation, Execution, Appraisal & Learning (PEAL). Thus, for our projects, our PEAL approach includes:


Pre-mobilisation meetings

The primary purpose of these meetings will be to advise and inform the client & his agents of the outline programme of the works and to ensure all performance standards and specifications are accurate, up to date and truly reflect the works that are to be carried out. These meetings will also include a review of other matters e.g. what constitutes an emergency etc.

Detailed planning and programming for the execution and delivery of the project


Collections Logistics & Transfer to Depot

In line with the various overall collection rota, we will only engage suitably experienced and trained personnel and operatives on location. We will deploy very experienced supervisory staff to oversee the works and their primary responsibility shall be to ensure that all works are carried out in accordance with the performance standards and specifications, H&S, environmental considerations etc. To this end we will ensure the following protocols will be adhered to:

  • Quality Assurance & Statutory Compliance 
  • Employee & Sub-Contractor Employee briefings
  • Spot checks & formal walkthroughs
  • Daily or as required liaison with the Client Contracts Management Team clients project team 
  • Administration – Operational Programming, Daily work report, Invoicing etc 


Formal & Internal project progress review meetings – In line with the client’s specific requirements, these will be programmed to ensure that all elements of the project are proceeding smoothly and to highlight & resolve any matters likely to have a direct impact on the execution of the service delivery.

Formal project review meetings – Timetabled in line with client’s specific requirements and involving the relevant “project stakeholders”.


Continuous Improvement – To ensure that all information garnered above was shared appropriately within and across the complete Internal and Project Supply & Delivery Chains and that all learning thus derived was embedded and will be used to improve delivery of this and other contracts and projects.

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